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  • FKG Dentaire launches first anatomic finisher for root canal treatments - Jan 20, 2015

    The latest innovation from FKG Dentaire lets practitioners treat complex root canal systems and clean once impossible-to-reach areas with minimal impact on the dentine. Made with a highly flexible NiTi-based alloy, the XP-endo Finisher follows the contours of the canal with an improved reach of 6mm in diameter—or 100-fold that of a standard instrument of the same size.

    “With the XP-endo Finisher, we can finally solve a common problem for dentists,” said Thierry Rouiller, CEO of FKG Dentaire, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of endodontic instruments. “They’ll now be able to reduce the risk of future infection by offering patients a deeper cleaning for a better root canal treatment.”

    Studies using micro CT technologies show that standard NiTi files manage to clean just 45 to 55 per cent of the canal walls, leaving debris and bacteria to accumulate in areas left untouched. However complex the morphology of the canal, dentists can use the XP-endo Finisher following a root canal preparation starting at diameter ISO 25. A unique FKG alloy, the MaxWire (Martensite-Austenite electropolish-fleX), gives the instrument unparalleled flexibility so it can remove debris from those hard-to-reach areas, while limiting the impact on the dentine.

    “Now (the canal) is cleaner, perhaps two to three times compared to the conventional techniques we have today,” said Dr.

    Gilberto Debelian, Norway.

    The instrument also features a strong resistance to instrument fatigue, thanks to its zero-taper design, and is simple enough for dentists to quickly learn to use.

    The XP-endo Finisher joins a growing list of innovative high-precision products patented by FKG Dentaire to meet the most demanding needs of general practitioners and endodontists around the world.