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  • Essentia from GC: More creativity, less complexity - Mar 12, 2015

    Essentia, developed together with a group of experts in aesthetics, does no longer rely on the traditional Vita® colours but on a very simple assortment of seven shades, created to mimic natural teeth at any patient’s age and offering dentists the maximum of creative freedom.

    This material is more than a real alternative to conventional shade systems – it marks a paradigm shift in restorative dentistry. Shades are no longer named after the traditional “hue” (A,B,C,D) of commonly used systems, but instead following the chroma (intensity) and value (lightness) of teeth, in order to copy best the natural enamel and dentin build-ups. Therefore, the two enamels and three dentins could be characterised as being light, medium or dark.

    By combining enamel and dentins, four main combinations following the patient’s age (Young, Junior, Adult & Senior) will make the shade selection become easier and will be sufficient to form the basis of any restoration – at any age.

    This straightforward approach goes along with many advantages: practitioners will primarily benefit from a simplified build-up process, allowing highly aesthetic restorations to be created in significantly less time, while patients will profit from a long-lasting gloss as well as a reduced risk of plaque accumulation and staining, thanks to the optimized composition of the enamel shades.

    By boldly reducing the complexity of conventional shade systems, Essentia brings restorative dentistry to its essence and opens up the way to maximal creativity