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  • IMPLANTOLOGY INSTRUMENT CASSETE Developed by the French manufacturer PRODONT-HOLLIGER - Dec 1, 2016





    Developed by the French manufacturer




    Prodont-Holliger has manufactured dental instruments and materials since 1960. For dental practices, Prodont-Holliger offers a large choice of mouth mirrors, photo mirrors, hand instruments (omnipratic, surgery, parodontology, implantology, orthodontics) as well as demonstration and training models.


    For laboratories, they have developed a complete range of burners, waxes, instruments and abrasive discs.


    All of their instruments are made out of high quality French steel and using in harmony traditional methods and know-how with modern techniques.


    Before expedition each product goes through rigorous quality controls to ensure optimal customer satisfaction. Confident of their experience and knowledge, Prodont-Holliger offer a life time guarantee on their instruments if used under normal use.


    Prodont-Holliger strives to be at the forefront of quality, innovation and performance. Working hand in hand with opinion leaders (leading dental professionals). This allows them to know and adapt to current trends and needs. In the field of Implantology, Prodont-Holliger has put together this cassette of 13 instruments meticulously selected by these opinion leaders. Some of the instruments have been adapted following their express wishes. In particular, the retractor has fine grips at one end to hold back the flesh, the bone curette permits a perfect dose of bone substitute every time. The instruments are available with the XL ergonomic handle, patented and developed by Prodont-Holliger to prevent the carpal tunnel syndrome, a common ailment among practitioners.


    Innovation, quality and performance, three words that sum up Prodont-Holliger perfectly.