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  • Digital Ultra® 4-Cylinder Portable N2O-O2 Flowmeter System - Dec 1, 2016

    Digital Ultra® 4-Cylinder Portable N2O-O2 Flowmeter System



    The Digital Ultra® 4- Cylinder Portable System is the company's most popular free-standing mobile unit. Features include automatic compensation


    (adjust total flow while gas ratio remains constant, adjust gas ratio and total flow remains constant); brightly colored digital readouts and electronic flow tube displays. The unit has multiple safety features; its flush surface has a sealed membrane, making it easy-to-clean and disinfect or barrier-protect. All

    Accutron flowmeters carry a 2-year warranty – the longest flowmeter warranty in the dental industry. All flowmeter systems come with a complete scavenging circuit and a complimentary sampling of ClearView™ Single-Use Nasal Masks.


    Accutron is the only manufacturer to offer a broad selection of brightly colored, lightly scented (and unscented) single-use nasal masks. To protect both patients and practitioners, scavenging circuits, nasal masks and all other rubber goods are manufactured of non-latex materials. Order FREE samples of nasal masks at accutron-inc.com.


    Accutron is a leading manufacturer of nitrous oxide/oxygen conscious sedation equipment and accessories. For forty+ years, the company’s single focus has been to design and manufacture high-quality sedation products that assist dental practitioners in relaxing their patients and making their dental visit a comfortable experience. Functionally, Accutron systems are built around three basic principles – efficacy, safety and asepsis. Esthetically, every Accutron system is designed to integrate harmoniously in a wide variety of dental office environments.