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  • Stars Meeting 2016 - Apr 6, 2016 - Apr 8, 2016




    As usual Alexandria Oral Implantology Association “AOIA” amazed the dental world with yet another international congress.

    Stars Meeting 2016 was held in April 6th – 8th in Hilton Green Plaza Hotel, Alexandria - Egypt, it was a great success with more than 3000 dentists from all over the world joining the congress. The Scientific content was described as “Great” by all the attendees.

    The international speakers included Prof. Paolo Trisi, Dr. Ionut Branzan, Dr. Maha El Sayed, Dr. Juan Garcia, Dr. Hala Aboud, Dr. Fatme Hamasni, Prof. Nabil Barakat, Dr. Nadim Aboujaoude, Dr. Ahmed Aboul Fettouh, Dr. Alexandre Khairallah, Dr. Arzu Demircioglu, Dr. Jihad Habli and Dr. Elie Abdo. A number of workshops were held during the congress in parallel with the lectures, as well as Poster Presentations. In addition, there was a huge Tradeshow that included many of the worlds’ leading dental companies.

    The congress was held in collaboration with the ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantologists), the ICD (International College of Dentists) and the DGOI (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Orale Implantologie). During the “The Fellowship Ceremony” a number of dentists received their AOIA Fellowship degree as well as ICOI Fellowship and Mastership degrees.

    - Number of AOIA Fellows: 13
    - Number of ICOI Fellows: 12
    - Number of ICOI Masters: 2

    Also during the Fellowship Ceremony, the launching of Region 29 of the International College of Dentists (ICD) in Egypt and Suda was announced, where 40 dentists received the ICD Fellowship. To call STARS MEETING 2016 a great success would be by far much less than what it was worth in terms of science, organization and social activities. But you wouldn’t know that unless you’ve been there, and so the good news is it’s a biannual international congress, which means there’s always another one to wait for at AOIA.

    Waiting for you at Stars Meeting 2018!!