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    Dr. Elias Mouannes
    DDS, Orthodontist
    Medical Research - Lebanon


    Dentistry ranked No 3 job in 2014 by US news and world report, has recently been ranked No 1 job in 2015 by the same source.


    The improvement of this profession due its development to many factors going from the longer-living population demands for beautiful teeth and healthy oral cavity getting to the updates of the dental care methods enriching dentists’ knowledge and solutions.


    Although, the disliked profile of “painful teeth remover” gradually replaced by the “healthy smile consultant”. Dentistry turned out to be a challenging profession not only on the scientific knowledge level but for management responsibilities as well. A dental successful business requires a balanced performance between a skilled practitioner and a properly managed operation.

    More to their continuous learning necessities, dentists are asked to partially or entirely run their businesses. They invest more time in their communication skills improving, staff recruiting, materials procuring, financial planning, marketing strategies, branding...etc

    Moreover, this tempting market has opened the appetite of existing and emerging companies to generate large spectrum of dental technologies which are being repeatedly and overly recycled.

    The growing needs for dental treatments and aesthetics opened the way for fierce competition on all levels. No matter the dentist’s orientations, vendors try to pull their purchasing motivation and work to lure them into fruitful or barren investments. The market is hammered with all sorts of inventions and imitations of all kinds and qualities.

    Few smart companies noticed the real needs of the dentists and deployed much of their researches into delivering time-saving technologies. Recently, the user-friendliness of any product has become a necessity allowing professionals to shorten the procedure sessions and invest the spared time in their managerial duties.

    An interesting example of such companies, is a rising medical corporation; Medibrex (www.medibrex.com) Coming from a successful business background, Medibrex’s innovate for simplicity, quality and time-saving devices.

    Dentistry today is more than just an occupation it has become a complete business to run. By adopting modernization in their daily practice, dentists will find their way to success and wealth.

    “We’re here to put a dent in the universe, otherwise why else even be here?” said Steve Jobs...
    We dentists narrow the universe to people’s smile.