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    Essentia from GC:

    Innovative shade concept for restorative dentistry



    GC strives to develop smart solutions for dentists’ daily challenges – which sometimes implies going against traditional concepts. In this respect, GC reveals a daring new approach to aesthetic dental restorations: Essentia, developed together with a group of experts in aesthetics, does no longer rely on the traditional Vita® colours but on a very simple assortment of seven shades, created to mimic natural teeth at any patient’s age.


    With Essentia, GC pursued a long development process creating a very lean and simple colour scheme, including only seven different shades. This material marks a paradigm shift in restorative dentistry.  Shades are no longer named after the traditional “hue” (A,B,C,D) of commonly used systems, but instead following the chroma (intensity) and value (lightness) of teeth, in order to copy best the natural enamel and dentin build-ups. Therefore, the two enamels and three dentins could be characterised as being light, medium or dark.


    The different combinations between enamel and dentins gives four main possibilities following the patient’s age (Young, Junior, Adult & Senior). The shade selection becomes easy, simple and will be sufficient to form the basis of any restoration.


    Thus, four different compositions were used to give specific properties to each shade, each of it best suited to their respective use: while enamels will present a high polishability and gloss retention, dentins display an amazing shade adaptation to the cavity and can be easily modelled. The Universal shade will provide the best chameleon effect for mono-shade posterior restorations, and the Masking Liner with high opacity will offer an easy placement thanks to its injectable consistency. This makes Essentia a simple and reliable solution for all aesthetic restorations, and the perfect partner for dentists who are looking for a simplified, yet highly aesthetic system.